Tri-Lakes Disposal is offering curbside residential recycling for an additional $10.00 per month. We will provide you with a black lid, 95 gallon container which all recyclables must fit inside.
Recycling services are picked up on the first and third FULL week of the month and will coincide with your regular trash pick-up days.  No need to sort recyclables but please help us make the recycling process easier by thoroughly cleaning any recyclable items that contain food or drink matter!
Recyclable items include:
                          * Newspapers                                      * Butter Tubs
                          * Mixed paper                                      * Magazines
                          * Phone Books                                     * Office Paper
                          * Steel or Tin Cans                               * Brown Paper Bags
                          * Aluminum                                          * Cardboard
                          * Plastic Milk Jugs                                * Glass Bottles and Jars
                          * Detergent Bottles                                       
                          * Empty Aerosol Cans                          
                          * Plastics                                                 
                          * Pie Tins
                          * Vitamin Bottles
                          * Bulk or Junk Mail
Items NOT accepted:
                             * NO PLASTIC BAGS
                             * NO Plastic egg cartons
                             * NO six pack ring holders
                             * NO plastic plates
                             * NO Styrofoam
                             * NO Diapers, laundry lint, wood, metal, clothes, food scraps 
                             * NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS.
Recycle Weeks for 2019:
  • January 7th through 11th                  21st through 25th
  • February 4th through 8th                  18th through 22nd
  • March 4th through 8th                      18th through 22nd
  • April 1st through 5th                         15th through 19th
  • May 6th through 10th                        20th through 24th
  • June 3rd through 7th                         17th through 21st 
  • July 1st through 6th                          15th through 19th
  • August 5th through 9th                     19th through 23rd
  • September 2nd through 7th               16th through 20th
  • October 7th through 11th                   21st through 25th
  • November 4th through 8th                 18th through 23rd
  • December 2nd through 6th                 16th through 20th