Ask us about Single Stream Recycling
Residential Services:
Our rates are based upon curbside pick-up and your expected trash volume. We provide two different residential service levels. The first level is customer owned 32-gallon containers. The second level is based on a 95-gallon toter which is provided at no additional charge.
Payment terms are Net 10.  A monthly late fee will be assessed for past due balances.
Service Levels:
  • The first level is up to three customer owned 32-gallon containers per week.
  • The second level is called the TOTER service where we supply a 95-gallon heavy duty container. With this service level, you may also have an additional 5 bags of trash per week at no charge. Some customers may own their own toters and qualify for this service.
Optional Services:
  • In-drive services available at an additional cost



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